Thursday, December 18, 2008

Scoutmaster Nik

I have been a lame blogger lately. While many of you already know this I have been called as the Scoutmaster in my Ward. It is one of those callings that I always knew I would receive one day I just did not think it would be till I was in my Late 30's or 40's.

When I was young scouts was one of my favorite times, days spent playing football in the snow and making ice caves. Another time I remember was down in San Rafael when all the trees were so dry and we broke all the dead branches of pretending that we were knights or ninjas. I will stop there with the lame scout stories.

My Scoutmasters name is Steve Marshall. He is one of the most brilliant men I know. I learned a lot from him. He used to read us Pat McMannas Stories. He is also a master scriptorian. He would tell us stories of the Prophets and Pioneers that he has read is some pioneer journal or vague reference. I learned a lot from him.

Also all of my greatest childhood friends were scouts with me. I had 3 friends in particular that we all had our birthdays within a 2 week span of each other. We got baptized, received the priesthood, got our eagles scouts and went on missions all together. It was fun to have such close friends.

Well I hope and pray that I can be even close to as cool as my scoutmaster was.