Saturday, March 03, 2007

100 Random things about me

1. I have 4 sisters in my family, 3 Older 1 Younger. I am the only boy.
2. I met Lena (my wife) at Stake Volleyball and from the moment I met her I knew that there was something special about her.
3. I have never liked Red Heads till I met Lena.
4. I love to paint and draw. And wish that I could make enough money just doing that and provide for my wife.
5. My first name “Nikolaus” comes from my great great grandfather Nikolaus Xavier Fransikis (don't know how to spell that) Sonntag. My middle name “Charles” comes from my Father.
6. Video games are the joy and curse of my life.
7. I have a fear of Beads. I don’t like touching them, looking at them, or even being close to them. I ask my wife to take of her pearls 90% of the time before I will cuddle with her.
8. I have a photographic memory. I can watch a movie 2 or three times and have most of it memorized. But it only works with things I want to remember.
9. I love Nachos and Chocolate Milk.
10. I served a mission for the LDS church for 2 year in Santiago Chile. And I am fluent in Spanish.
11. I am a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and earned it when I was 15 years old.
12. I am loud
13. I have always wanted to work for Disney or Pixar animating motion pictures, or drawing comic books for Marvel or DC.
14. I have never studied for a test in my life, and if I did, I would have received a lot better grades. (I did assignments etc...but never studied for a test) I got a 3.3 average in High School.
15. I have slept in a pubic park because I was homeless. (it was in the parking lot inside my car)
16. Watching WWE Wrestling is one of my guilty pleasures. It’s like a Soap Opera for guys.
17. I hate having my finger nails long at all. I cut them before they can get anything in them.
18. The very first video game I completed all the way through was Mike Tyson’s Punch Out.
19. I love to sing. I am a true bass.
20. I really do hate that Bob Barker.
21. My favorite color is Light Blue.
22. I love Ford Mustangs. I owned my first one when I was 17 (1967) and now I own another one (1998) . And I will own more.
23. I am a Chicago Cubs, Utah Jazz and Utah Utes fan. And I am liking the Seattle Seahawks more everyday (that is Lena’s Family’s Team).
24. My favorite Bands are named the “Barenaked Ladies” “Dave Matthews Band” “Jason Mraz” and “John Mayer”
25. I have many nick names. Including “BoyWonder” “Boy” “Badger” “Silly Duck” “August Christopher” “Telham” “Wonderboy” “Death Breath” “Trabeck” “Handsome” “Little Brother” “English” “Lish” “Elvis” “Niko-Lowse” “Kaleb McKay” “Bret McKabe” “Nik the Knight” “Scruffy” “Blast Furnace” “Saucy” “Iron Chef Nikimoto”
26. I don’t wear cologne. I just wear my deodorant “Old Spice Pure Sport” and all the girls say it smells really nice. Plus, my wife loves it!
27. I have hobbit feet. They are a bit hairy. (that is just what I like to call them.)
28. I did not kiss a girl until I was 18 1/2 years old and I had graduated from High School.
29. I have only kissed 2 girls in my life.
30. I have not been able to breath out of my nose as long as I can remember.
31. I am an Eagle Scout.
32. I wish I was more motivated.
33. I am very ticklish.
34. I have never had a Bloody Nose.
35. I have never broken a Bone.
36. I have a huge birthmark on the crown of my head. It is about the size of a Silver Dollar. I call it my Bonk. It is in the shape of a heart. No hair grows on it, and I have to have my hair cut long so it does not show.
37. I have met the real Batman. Tv’s Adam West!
38. I normally don't eat the sharp ends off of my french fries…if you have questions ask lena
39. I always spill. Everytime I sit down to eat it always ends up on my pants.
40. My eyes are green when I am naked!
41. My wife married me for my money...then she found out I spent it all on her ring.
42. I have my own Nik-Language and Amy was the only one that could understand it when I was young. Lena is getting proficient at it.
43. I wear a size 9 1/2 shoe...size 42 in Chile
44. The most I have ever weighed is 183lbs. and it was when I was on my mission. I average 150-160lbs. now.
45. My favorite animals are the sea otter and the birds of prey (Eagle, Hawk, Falcon ect)
46. I have a disease called Gilbers (??? Something like that) Syndrome. That makes my eyes yellow all the time. Does not do anything else.
47. I can not eat fruit. I am allergic to 90% of them. Melons are the worst but I just steer clear of most fruits anyway.
48. I voted for the first time in Nov 2006 when I was almost 26 years old
49. I like to shower in the dark. Mainly because I don't like the feeling you get in the morning when you flip on the light and your eyes dilate. So I just turn on the light in the other room and let my eyes adjust slowly.
50. I usually sit down in the shower.
51. One of my toe nails on my big toe is abnormally thick.
52. I learned how to type fast by playing video games.
53. I always have bad breath.
54. Most sports come natural to me. But, my favorites are Basketball, Baseball, Golf and Tennis.
55. My favorite holiday is Christmas Light Day. The day after Thanksgiving when I put my lights up.
56. I love Mountain Dew.
57. I hate doing dishes more than most anything in the world.
58. I collect swords and weapons from the Age of Chivalry.
59. Unlike any of the other siblings in my family I have perfect vision.
60. I don’t care how many children I have. As long as I have one boy to carry on the English name.
61. I saw a piece of artwork drawn by Adolf Hitler while I was in Chile.
62. My gag reflex is triggered very easily.
63. One of my favorite things to do is go golfing with my dad and brother-in-laws
64. I painted most of the Murals on the walls at Laser Quest.
65. I trust people to easily.
66. I have never been Skiing or Snowboarding and I live in the ski capital of the world.
67. I will never own a pc again. I will only ever use a Mac computer.
68. I have 2 fire-belly toads and one beta fish in my house. They are named “Harry,” “Lloyd” and “Shish Shish.”
69. I like Boobs. (I had to do something naughty on number 69)
70. I had never traveled out of Utah until I was about 12 years old when my family went to Disney Land for the first time.
71. I have a vivid imagination and when I was a kid all my stuffed animals were super heroes and part of a “Super Animal Team” I also made capes and costumes for them all. I have a picture of them hanging up in my office.
72. I like Batman and Robin a lot. When I was in Jr High me and my friend used to say and call each other “Bruce” “Dick” and “Commissioner” I also collect the comics and a lot of memorabilia.
73. When I was in high school I had a pair of really thick dark rimmed glasses with no lenses in them with tape on the bridge to wear during tests. I called them my smart person glasses.
74. I have the thickest hair of most anyone I know. My hairstylest jokes that she has to sharpen her scissors after every haircut.
75. My hair was strait as a board till I hit puberty.
76. When I was a kid I would not were sweaters or stripes.
77. I have really long eyelashes.
78. I still remember the combinations to all my lockers in Jr and High school
79. I started writing music on the piano so my mom said I should take lessons. That lasted about 6 months. And I am still writing music.
80. I want to learn to play the bag pipes.
81. When I was a kid I used to call my camoflauge pants….” My Firefly Pants”
82. I can sing all the countries of the world thanks to the Animaniacs.
83. I make up words to songs all the time while they are playing on the radio. Lena does not always like it. She will usually tell me if it was a good one.
84. Norman Rockwell is my favorite painter.
85. I have flat feet.
86. 7 is my favorite number.
87. I eat peanut butter with syrup on my pancakes, waffles and crepes.
88. I hate the movie “Little Women” but I like most all other chick flicks.
89. I have been in preforming groups all my life including “Zing” “Up-with Kids” “School Plays” and in college “Encore.”
90. I used to work as a DJ for company parties and school dances.
91. My friends are very important to me.
92. I loved watching Ninja Turtles, Duck Tales, Tailspin, Rescue Rangers, Darkwing Duck and He-man when I was a kid.
93. Peter Pan is my favorite disney movie.
94. My best friends when I was little were named “Beno” and “Blake” and they both had mental disorders/downsyndrome but I loved them anyway. And they said the prayers at my farewell.
95. I dont call any of my friends by there real names.
96. I dont wear a watch.
97. I think this has taken way to long to come up with 100 random things about me. And in reality it makes me sad that is took so long.
98. I am the luckiest man in the world to be married to Lena she is perfect for me.
99. I am sleepy
100. Good night...