Thursday, February 22, 2007

For you Lou!

A – Available or Single: Neither, I am a Married Man. And I have the most beautiful wife ever. (you should all be jealous)

B – Best Friend: Well I have lots of best friends it just depends on what I am doing on what friend is the best for it. But to throw a couple names out I would say "Nate Stock" "Burrito" "David" "Spencer & Jake" "Fat Jeron" "Ten (although he is a Bro)" and of course my best friend ever LENA

C – Cake or Pie: I would have to go with Cake. Most pies I can not eat if they have fruit in them. But I Love french silk ahhhh!

D – Drink of Choice: Chocolate Milk (duh)

E – Essential Item You Use Everyday: Computer it is my life force. I love my puter!

F – Favorite Color: Light Blue...that is my grandmas favorite too

G – Gummy Bears or Worms: I prefer Chips...I dont really like candy only on special days.

H – Hometown: Salt Lake City (or in spanish Lago Salado)

I – Indulgence: The GAMES. I love playing video games

J – January or February: Febtober

K – Kids and Names: I really like the name William. But that is about it. Lena has lots of names it mind so I dont really think about it.

L – Life is Incomplete Without: My wife, games and food.

M – Marriage Date: May 18. 2006 We pick that day because it was the day before star wars came out. (Just kidding that was just a cowincadence.

N – Number of Siblings: I have 3 older sisters, Emilee Jeanne (Em), Audrey Lynn (Baba), Laurie Elizabeth (Lou), then comes me, and the baby Amy Renee' (Mimi) yup I lived in a house of estrogen.

O – Oranges or Apples: Well I cant eat oranges...but i love them. But I can eat apples. But when it comes to the juice. It is a toss up.

P – Phobias or Fears: I have a phobia of Beads. (dont ask)

Q – Fave Quote: I have lots. If you around me more that a day. You will hear a lot of movie quotes. A few good ones. "see how is works is the train moves not the station." that has to be one of the top ones.

R – Reason to Smile: I am married to the most beautiful and best wife. And I tell her everyday

S – Season: Spring I love the flowers, but, hate the hayfever

T – Tag 3 or 4 People: Whatever you do what you want!

U – Unknown Fact About Me:

V – Vegetable You Don’t Like: corn

W – Worst Habit: I don't know ask Lena!

X – X-rays: Sinus

Y – Your Fave Food: Nachos, Chocolate Milk and Moms Ribs

Z – Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Watch out or I will sting you