Tuesday, November 13, 2007

3 Days in Heaven is better than 2 Minutes in Heaven

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Hassan Chop!

Today I was pondering the finer things in life. One such thing is playing with my little nephew, his name is Spencer. For the past couple years we have had an ongoing wrestling tournament. It is just for fun and play. It has provided hours and hours of entertainment and exersize for the both of us. Being that I am in my mid twenties and he is about six it was fun to watch him start to figure out stratigies and learn new moves. He has come up with a lot of really funny and creative moves, such as the Hulk Smash, The Claw, Double Knee Smash and the Spider Monkey Choke. But the greatest and most devisating of these moves is “The Hassan Chop” Now when he first turned back and yelled HASSAN CHOP and wacked me right in the chest I fell down and took it like a man. I thought to my self “where did he get something like that” Well today I found out. I had always wondered and after 3 years of wondering I did a google search and this is what I found.

Warning it is a 7min Cartoon.

It almost makes it so much cooler knowing he got it from!!

PS there is also a crappy Rap Band named Hassan Chop...but I am sure Spencer did not get it from that!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

This is the awesome video

Well this is a link to an awesome video!

It is posted on our website!