Friday, August 17, 2007


Well well, what a crazy day this is. Nik blogging? And now I will tell you my story...

This last couple weeks we have been living in a internet free world. And while this was blissful in someways, the burden of not being able to do he simple things such as look up an address to a wedding reception was starting to blare its ugly head. So we bucked up and called Comcast. At first Lena talked to them and they gave her a deal that was not what the land lord had told we looked a little closer at the papers that they had given us and called the number they gave us. An answering machine picked up immediately and said "Thank you for calling the VIP comcast line leave a message" that seemed a little odd to me. But I left a message anyway saying "call me back I want you service." Two days late a very nice man called up very excited and helpful. He said that I could get Digital Cable, On Demand, 8-Gbit Internet and free HBO for a year, no contract for $85 and free installation" THAT IS AN AWESOME DEAL! So he asked about DVR and they said it was an extra $15 so I said hook that up too...We set a appointment for 4 days later for them to come and install it. Lena and I where both very excited.

So the next days were spent cleaning and moving boxes trying to get the house set up for the arrival of comcast. Lena took the day off from stained glass to be there at the alloted time of 1-5pm.

They day arrived and the excitement and sense of anticipation cause me to almost explode. I was working and was very excited. Midday I noticed a voicemail on my phone and checked it. It said that the tech had come to our house and no one answered so they left a door hanger. I immediately called my Bride. She looked on the door and looked around and could see that no one had been there. She also had been sitting right next to the front window and no one had come to the door. So she called back and the people were very defensive saying that he had been there. We tried to explain he had not because there was nothing indicating that on our door so he must have the wrong house. They said they would send the next available tech and agreed that he would call us before he got here to make sure he had the right house.

Well by this time is was 4:30 and there was still no call or word from Comcast. So Lena in her infinite wisdom decided to call them again to find out any updates. Well the man said that the woman that she had talked to before was gone for the day and had not left any notes about what we had previously talked about. And also that the Tech had notes that he had gone to the house again with no answer! So they agreed on the same thing that they would call us before they came and we would get the next tech.

I got off at 5 so on my was home called them...and I will have to say it was not my finest hour. They had made me mad...Something was not right. I talked to this guy and he told me that I was a wrong that I had been there and the tech was there. I was furious. he told me that it was "my word versus his" and basically called me a lier. Oh that made me mad. I requested free months service and he told me that would not available was not pretty. I felt sorry for the was not his fault but still he called me a lier. He told me we could reschedule for a week later.

Anyway they never showed up...6 o'clock rolled around and we went to a wedding.

A week later and we were worried. Lena called them the day before to make sure they were coming and that they had the number to call. Well they came and it took them a long time to set it up. Lena was awesome and they got everything set up.

The next few days passed and due to the much time being spent by my wife playing Viva Pinata I had not had a chance to test all the features. Plus we had family plans that impeded my play time. Yesterday we also noticed that the menu was not diplaying any of the titles of the just said "to be anounced." the DVR was not working and none of the On Demand would come up either.


Lena called Comcast again....(that is better because I would yell again) and they said they did not install the DVR they did not know that they were suppost to...they wanted to wait another week to come again....but we were not going to do that again. So today lena is going down to the Local Comcast store and switching out the box.

In conclusion...if it was not such a good deal we would have said....ADIOS a long time ago. But hopefully today it will be resolved!

The End