Friday, February 06, 2009

New Job!!!

Time for a new Post...

I would like to take this time to say it is really hard for me to blog due to my new job. Which just happens to be the topic of this post.

Well as most of you know....or do not. I got a new job. Yes I have left the world of tech support and selling old ladies computers and upgraded.

First off can I just say I am living the dream. I am now working as a Model Maker at Lumenas Animation Studios. As a Model Maker I build sets and objects that will be used in the movie. While I can not tell you much about what we are doing here I can say the Movie is called "The Legend of Santa Claus" and is set to come out in Dec 2010.

Lumenas utilizes Stop Motion Animation and combines it with computer animation. Think Nightmare before Xmas meets Toy Story. It is pretty awesome. I am working with many awesome and interesting people. Emmy and Academy award winning directors ect. You can visit for more info if you like.

I have had a bunch of family members and friends come to the studio and if you want to come down and see the studio you can. Call me if you want to. When my dad came down to see me at work he commented saying "Nik you are just doing what you have done you whole life at home making projects, you really are living the dream!" Truer word have never been spoken. I LOVE MY JOB!